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Project Descriiption: Have you ever heard the saying “Time is money”? Do you ag

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Project Descriiption:
Have you ever heard the saying “Time is money”? Do you agree or disagree with this saying? Explain.
The following two activities are meant to have you, first, determine how you really spend all of your time on a daily basis, and then, for you to think about what’s really important so that you can adjust and manage time more efficiently.
A. Complete all of the steps below to figure out how much value your time is.
1) Write down everything that you did the day before (at least 10-15 things).
2) Now, look at your list and place a money value (dollar amount) on all these things according to how much you think it was worth for you to have it done.
3) Finally, point out which activities yield the greatest rewards for you.
B. Imagine you received $86,400.00 to spend any way you want in 1 day. The only restriction is that you cannot bank or save any of this money, and if you do not use all of it, you will lose it. Discuss this with a partner or a small group, and then share your answers with the class. How would you spend $86,400.00 in 24 hours? Make a list of things of you would do in one day to spend the money.
C. After completing both activities above, reflect on your time management by answering the following questions:
1) How would you re-evaluate your time management? Would you change anything?
2) Are there any steps you could take to increase your productive time?
3) How would you rearrange your time to have some extra time for rest?
86,400 are the number of seconds we have each day. Consider spending your time on things that are important to you as you did with the money.
NOTE: you can put my activities or interest like: workout(gym), explore new places, find good restaurant, find make new friends, cooking, spend time with family and friends, social media, buying groceries, watch Netflix, riding sport bike, walk or jogging on near lake view.


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