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JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound a

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JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound as you are ME and, from my perspective as a Christian woman with a Christian worldview and beliefs in a Christian school. Please keep in mind that I have a 4.0 and need assignments that resemble that for my university. Thank you for your help, your urgency would be greatly appreciated…………………………. This is for my class called Statistics from a Christian Worldview Perspective. PLEASE FOLLOW EVERY DETAIL as this is expensive and NO PLAGIARISM as I do run it through multiple sources for plagiarism and grammar. MY PROFESSOR SAID: “There are several facts to consider when engaging volunteers to work amongst paid staff. The employer should meet each group positively and with the purpose of exhibiting value for both groups in his/her organization. Both groups have a passionate desire to see the organization prosper. Employees have agreed to perform certain tasks for a monetary return whereas volunteers agree to perform certain tasks without wages for recognition and self-fulfillment. The level of expectation is different between paid staff and volunteers and distinct differences in the authority of the staff member representing the organization vs. volunteers.
In a well-maintained organization, both employees and volunteers receive training to meet goals, voice concerns, relay positive fulfillments, participate in reviews, and work toward rewards. It is important to remember that volunteers aren’t engaging for income and it is easier for them to change and dictate their level of participation than for a paid staff member..”
Prepare 5-7 questions and use them to interview both a paid staff member and a volunteer within an organization or service of your choice.
Write a 2-3 page summary of the interview and your recommendations. Ensure the following elements are included:
Your questions and why you selected them
Their responses
Your conclusions from the overall interview process
Rapport building strategy that would engage both paid staff and volunteers.
Include at least two scholarly sources that support your writing.{Book included in attached files}


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