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I am looking for good up-to-date resources (2020 and beyond). Existing research

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Technology | 0 comments

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I am looking for good up-to-date resources (2020 and beyond). Existing research on ICT is primarily descriiptive, survey based, and focused on who is using ICT and how people and organizations are using the tools. Although many organizations have shown interest in using ICT, they often demonstrate uncertainty about the most effective use of ICT tools to serve organizational needs. Distinctly missing from the literature is a framework that can help practitioners in organizations, specifically nursing homes, to understand ICT as a potentially creative and productive tool to guide the organization through its implementation in order to improve performance. The purpose of this generic qualitative inquiry is to explore what factors contribute to the successes and challenges of recent digital gaming implementations in nursing home facilities. The phenomenon being studied is digital gaming implementation successes and challenges. The theoretical framework is the Human Performance Technology (HPT) model. The target population is nursing home facility personnel who have recently participated in the implementation of Information and communications Technology (ICT) in the form of digital gaming. The researcher will use the human performance technology (HPT) model (D. M. Van Tiem, J. L. Moseley, & J. C. Dessinger, Fundamentals of Performance Improvement, 2012) as a framework to appraise those within the nursing environment who are familiar with the use of Digital Gaming in nursing home facilities. The data analysis will determine the extent to which practitioners in nursing homes used key elements of the HPT model (e.g., analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance, evaluation, and change management) when the organization attempted to adopt Digital Gaming.
The researcher may determine that some organizations begin using Digital Gaming tools without thinking through what the impact would be on the organization, workers, and patients. The results of this study could demonstrate that nursing homes were using some components of the HPT model but would likely improve performance outcomes, reliability, and success by more intentionally using the research-based HPT model as a framework for planning and implementation.


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