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Go to Breaking Boundaries / Count Us In: The Steps. Choose ONE step. Use the tool to learn how taking this step could impact your and your family’s carbon emissions.
Then, find and read one article that discusses the step you chose. (NOTE: You may wish to use the References list on the bottom of the web page for your Step to find article suggestions.)
In a docx document, write the following information about your article at the top of the page: author’s name, title of article, date, title of website or publication, and link to the article. If some of the information is not available, that is okay. Just give as much information as you are able to find.
4. Answer these questions, writing 3-5 sentences for each.
Describe the Step you chose. What would you need to do?
Do you think this Step is do-able for you and your family? Why or why not?
List three things you learned about this Step the article you found.
Step is authors choice, link at top


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