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Chapter 16 gives you a look at the most commonly used therapies (including psych

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Chapter 16 gives you a look at the most commonly used therapies (including psychotherapies and biomedical treatments like medication and ECT) for psychological disorders. After reading this chapter, for your Discussion Board main post, answer the following in a complete essay post:
Pretend that a fictional character (such as from a book, movie or TV show ) has a major psychological disorder. You are a psychiatrist or other psychological provider.
What is your client’s disorder? The DSM-5 should be used to support your diagnosis.
Which specific type of therapies would you recommend for your “client” and why? (Select one psychotherapy and one biomedical treatment.)
Identify an advantage and a disadvantage for each of the therapies you would choose.
Be sure to discuss therapeutic techniques. Each psychotherapy has numerous techniques. For example, free association is a technique in psychoanalysis.
Ensure key terms in bold font.
Note: (1) When choosing the character, do not use one that is obvious (i.e.: obviously Eeyore is depressed). (2) When choosing your therapies, you will need to be specific. It is not enough to say you would choose a biomedical or psychotherapy/insight (talk) therapy, rather you must specify which type of biomedical or psychotherapy (for example: psychodynamic).
Be sure to address all assignment prompts above. Content should be substantial.
After you submit your main post, on a different day, reply to the main post of two classmates, preferably peers whose post has no other responses. In your reply, explain why you agree or disagree and add academic support to your arguments. If no peer has posted yet, feel free to discuss additional research on the topic.
You must submit a main post before you can see classmates’ posts. Main posts must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to any response post. The main and response post must be posted on different days.
Again, ensure you’ve met all components of the assignment prior to submitting your work. Only the first three posts will be evaluated regardless of content so be sure of your work prior to submitting it. {You may submit additional posts if you wish but they will not be scored.}


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