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By the due date assigned, respond substantively to both of the discussion questi

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By the due date assigned, respond substantively to both of the discussion questions listed. Submit your responses to the appropriate topic in this Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible.
Part 1
Consider the ethical implications of the following scenarios and respond by answering the questions posed in each:
The sales team of Sand Shell Inc. consists of six persons who use the e-mail service extensively for their communication with clients. Bob, one of the salespeople, is going on a vacation. His boss Charles asks Bob to give the password of his system and e-mail account to Alfred. This is done in order to address any urgent issues that may come up when Bob is on leave. Is this an ethical practice? Do you feel this action can cause any serious privacy issues? If yes, what policy and technical solution do you feel the organization should have in place for such situations?
You are an IT manager in an organization. During a routine check of the log files on network usage, you find that one of the users, Donald, is using the network to access files from the server every day for two to three hours after regular working hours. You meet Donald in the cafeteria the next day and tell him not to work after regular hours. Donald is surprised and says that he very rarely works long hours. It’s clear to you that someone has hacked on to the network and used Donald’s credentials to access the servers. You find the culprit on further investigation. How will you react to the situation based on your responsibilities as an IT manager? In this situation, which policy should the organization follow?
Part 2
Using the course material and the textbook as well as your own research (using the Internet and the South University Library), create your own privacy philosophy. This should cover the policies you will use for email, texting, social media, and Internet usage. Consider what information is being collected about you in each case and what you are willing to share. You should also state the types of contacts you will allow in each method of communication (this should just be general categories rather than any specific names or individuals).


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