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Answer the following questions and be sure to number and identify which question

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Answer the following questions and be sure to number and identify which question you are answering.
Chapter 8-The Effective Public Manager
Steven Skjei divides decision-making information into three (3) categories. What are these?
Discuss and describe how you should organize the flow of information within your organization.
Chapter 9-The Effective Public Manager
Discuss the ways a budget can be used as a management and policy tool for your organization.
Chapter 10-The Effective Public Manager
1. What is organization strategy and what does having an effective strategy do for your organization?
2. Describe how a sound strategy can re-energize an organization.
Chapter 11-The Effective Public Manager
Name and discuss the three (3) communication resources that a public agency should utilize.
What are the “tricks of the trade” when dealing with the media?
Chapter 12-The Effective Public Manager
What are the “costs” and “benefits” of a Public Service career?
Discuss the reasons Public Service needs risk-taking entrepreneurs.
Chapter 6-The Effective Local Government Manager
Name and discuss the agenda setting and policy formulation process for public agencies.
When considering alternative service delivery systems or options, what criteria is needed to evaluate them first?
Chapter 7-The Effective Local Government Manager
1. Name and discuss the four (4) new management perspectives in dealing with and relating to other organizations.
2. Describe and discuss vertical and horizontal relations in the role of the local government manager.

Chapter 8-The Effective Local Government Manager
James Svara gives five (5) characteristics of the behavior of a local government manager’s work. The text lists two (2) others. What are these seven (7) characteristics?
What are the reasons local government managers cite as the reasons for their attraction to the work they do?
Name and discuss the steps a potential future local government manager should take to advance their careers.
What are the four (4) questions you should ask yourself when evaluating a career or job change?
Use the following books as a reference
The Effective Public Manager, 5th Edition
Editors: Steven Cohen, William Eimicke and Tanya Heikkila
Copyright 2013 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN 978-1-118-55593-4
The Effective Local Government Manager, published by the International City-County Management Association (ICMA)


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