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write up an analyst report of no more than 1650 words. In your report, provide c

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write up an analyst report of no more than 1650 words. In your report, provide comments and analysis on the financial statement of a FTSE 100 company to address the following points:
• The broad business area of the company, its competitors and the nature of the industry it operates within,
• Provide an overview of the selected company’s corporate strategy. What are the key risks of the company’s strategy?
• Present an analysis of the company’s financial statement to cover all categories of ratios discussed in class.
• Comment on the firm’s accounting policy(ies). In the last five years has there been any change to the accounting policy(ies)? Comment on any impact of such changes in accounting policy(ies) on the selected company’s financial performance and financial statements for the selected period.
• Present an evaluation of the selected company’s ratios for the past five years, making use of both financial statement data and segment data.
• What are the primary drivers of the company’s performance? How does the company’s performance compare to those of similar companies within it’s industrial sector? (Download this data from the databases available on the library webpage. Attach your data as a file and send by email to the lecturer ahead of your final group submission)
• Summarize the key findings of the financial analysis in a format and structure suitable for presentation at a board meeting.
• Taking into account the five-year analysis, comment on the suitability of the company as a potential investment for an international hedge fund.
• Comment on any relevant information to assist the hedge fund manager in his decision making (Consider among others, profitability, liquidity, dividend policy, and market risks).
• Comment on the company’s disclosure on ethics and corporate governance.


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