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This report is mean to decide whether a Crypto Mining Farm should install and ad

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Financial Management | 0 comments

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This report is mean to decide whether a Crypto Mining Farm should install and adapt immersion technology for cooling, or stick with the low cost air-cool set up for the miner containers. Please evaluate from the operational cost perspective regarding cash flow, long term investment, profit, marketing. Please make a decision in the end of the report to decide whether this farm should either install immersion or not, or any possible outcome (install 20%of immersion and rest still stick with air-cool) .————————-
Please asses this based on the information that is right now you are setting up a crypto mining farm in Iceland that specialized in hosting bitcoin miners from clients. The main source of revenue comes from the hosting fees you charge from the clients. There are two models from getting more fees from the clients who choose immersion, one is charging extra hosting fees from the client and charge a one time setup fee per miner. Another one is charge a percentage of the extra bitcoin mined resulting from immersion technology bringing up the hashrate of the bitcoin miner.( Please see the attached excel to see detailed math calculation for both miners.)————————– Another reason from the operational and marketing perspective why considering immersion is that in the market right now there is not a lot of mining farm offers clients the option to choose immersion (higher construction cost for the farm, but higher hash rate for clients’s miners). So it would be an attraction for showcase purpose and attract more clients. However, this exclude those miners who just bought their miners, since once the miners going into the immersion liquid the warranty is over. Normally, warranty is only a year. and Most clients have second handed miners. But due to the recent bitcoin price drops, there is a lot of clients purchase some miners recently because the miners price went down too (please consider all these factors) ——————————– Before writing this report, please spend some time understanding this industry and the relationship between clients and the mining farm:the business model. And check the excel for the exact math.


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