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Dear Sir, I am doing Masters in Public Health from University of York, UK(which

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Public health | 0 comments

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Dear Sir, I am doing Masters in Public Health from University of York, UK(which is a Russel group university of UK) and its assignments and dissertation requirements and checking are quite strict both in terms of content and plagiarism. So there is zero tolerance on plagiarism as well as the content should be exactly according to the guidelines otherwise they fail the assignments. Also they check all the assignments and dissertations in the turnitin software and already 2 of my classfellows have been banned from MPH course and kicked out of the university and deported from UK to there home countries in excuse of plagiarism and another 2 have been kicked out because they failed straight in 5 assignments in the first attempt. So this university has very complicated rules. So kindly keep this in mind all this scenario.
In this MPH course we have a subject known as “Evidence Synthesis(formerly known as Systematic Reviews)” and in that I need to submit this assignment of 2500 words, at least minimum 2450 words and not more then(maximum) 2750 words because more then 2750 they would not even read them or count them as part of the assignment and there would be negative marking and even if its below 2450 words then also negative marking. So they just allow 10% extra over 2500 words that would become 2750 maximum not more then that. So minimum 2450 words maximum 2750 words thats it.
I had my first attempt of this subject in April 2022 which I failed and got 42 marks on it out of 100. So passing was obviously 50 marks but unfortunately I was’nt able to get it. This is my 2nd and last and final attempt to appear on this subject otherwise I would be declared as programme failed in MPH meaning kicked out of MPH. So I have no chances to take no risks to take at all please keep this in your mind.
All our assignments and dissertations are required to be on Harvard referencing style format only otherwise the assignment would be marked zero straight away.
So I have provided with 9 files in attachments in total. The first file “Evidence Synthesis(Systematic Reviews) Assignment Requirements.pdf” is the file given by our professor which mentions the requirements of this assignment. So in that the first part was a formative assessment and the second part is the 2500 word summative assignment that needs to be made by you.
Then I have provided 6 examples for this assignment given on our university website by our professor in our portal and alongwith them theres a note saying this: “These protocols were written for the assignment last year. We have selected ones that attained a high mark to showcase what might be expected to achieve higher marks.
The effectiveness reviews using PICO as a framework were awarded marks between 75 and 83%.
The epidemiological review using PECO and the qualitative evidence synthesis review using SPIDER were awarded marks in the 70 to 80% band”.
Also I have attached my 1st attempt failed assignment and its feedback by the examiner who checked it in our university so that you can have a look of what are they expecting.
There are about 9 lectures and powerpoint presentations etc… and audio recorded lectures as well available on our university portal if you require anything you can ask me for that and if you have any question you can ask me straight away.
Regarding the Topic we have been told that we can keep it the same as before as well as totally change it to a new topic as well. So I want you to tell me the topic straight away that are you gonna keep the same topic as my failed 1st attempt assignment or are you doing it on any other topic? Whatever you have in your mind, If you are doing it on any other topic then you may let me know, so that I can mail it to my Professor as well in the meantime.
In the meantime you can carry on to work on it, because I dont know when the reply of professor is gonna come on email so you continue with your work and if he says that topic is okay then fine. If he says that topic is not okay then I am gonna let you know straight away today so that you can change the topic. Please ask whatever other things you need and please let me know the topic today and just start working on it straight away so that you can give it on time to me after 3 days. Thank you very much.


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