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Instructions This week (Week 6) you will be completing your outline for your res

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This week (Week 6) you will be completing your outline for your research paper which is due by the end of Week 7. This week’s assignment is a one-page outline for your week 7 paper. You will use proper outline formatting and address key points for your paper. Remember – this week is just an outline! You will gather your thoughts and begin to lay the foundation for your paper. (An example is attached).
Use outline formatting, such as:
I. Introduction
A. Main Point
B. Secondary Point
II. Body – Paragraph 1
A. Main Point
B. Secondary Point …
There are three parts to this requirement.
1. You will complete an outline for your paper that will serve as your basis for writing your research paper. Be as detailed as possible, using an outline format. Be sure to include references.
2. You will post your outline in the Week 6 discussion area. Classmates will have the opportunity to review and recommend changes or additions to your outline.
3. By Sunday, you will consider those suggestions and revise your outline, then submit it to the Assignment link.
The requirements for your Paper due Week 7 are:
For this paper, you will write a 5-7 page paper describing: What you as an HRM can do about helping employees manage their careers.
Provide an analysis of how your current or past organization has managed the careers of its employees. Finally, provide an analysis of how your organization can improve the management of employee training programs. The instructions for this assignment are somewhat vague. Each student will have to explore different resources and will need to develop an individual approach to the subject.
In addition, you will create a SWOT analysis of a potential training program and discuss the internal and external conditions that can affect learner outcomes and capabilities.
The more specific you can be the better, and feel free to include examples that will strengthen your argument.
Requirement: Using the terms, concepts, and theories learned in this course, write a 5 to 7 page (Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double-spaced lines). An Essay focusing on employee training and development and career management. Include SWOT analysis and your interpretation of the analysis.
Research: Additionally, use at least 5 references for your research.
Due: This is due at the end of Week 7 by Sunday, 11:59 PM, ET.


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