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Provide the NAME &  url for the speech you reviewed here:
What is the topic of the speech?
What is the speaker’s specific purpose?
HIGHLIGHT with background color-Which of the following methods of gaining interest and attention does the speaker use in the introduction? 
¨ Relate the topic to the audience ¨ State the importance of the topic
¨ Startle the audience ¨ Arouse the curiosity of the audience
¨ Question the audience ¨ Begin with a quotation
¨ Tell a story ¨ Refer to the occasion
¨ Invite audience participation  ¨ Use visual or audio aids
¨ Refer to a previous speaker ¨ Begin with humor
Does the speaker include a central idea/thesis that previews the main points of the speech in the introduction?  State the central idea/thesis to show that you understand the definition of this concept.
List the main points developed in the body of the speech.
Are the speaker’s main points clear and easy to follow throughout the speech? Why or why not? (Do not just answer YES or NO)
Does the speaker use a transition/signpost or other connective between each main point of the speech?
Please list a minimum of one used in speech if they are present (FYI – they SHOULD be present).  Show that you understand the definition/concept of transitions/signposts in your answer.
HIGHLIGHT with background color – Which of the following methods of referring to the central idea (thesis) does the speaker use in the conclusion? 
¨ Restate the main points  ¨ End with a quotation
¨ Make a dramatic statement  ¨ Refer to the introduction
¨ Challenge the audience ¨ Call for action


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