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Continuance of Order # 373167068. For the midterm make sure you provide a respo

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Continuance of Order # 373167068.
For the midterm make sure you provide a response for every single question in the guidance. You are expected to carefully read everything related to your work and think it through. This assignment is very basic, provide an organized response to all sections and questions within, as identified in the guidance—no tricks here, read carefully and follow the guidance. You are linking the questions to your selected article, and conducting the analysis on the correlation (organized by question). Then you are writing out the question, then the response. You should have been carefully reading your article and getting the outline constructed already.
Project Guidance Midterm Review
This document is guidance for the midterm requirement, leading to the final written requirement, of a critical review.
Using the Scientific Journal Article to Write a Critical Review—authors are cited in the document.
You have been given ample time to determine an article, carefully peruse the article, and conduct a literature review evolving around the article—now you can begin an analysis.
1. You will respond to the format in the Critical Review Guidance—Researching the Critique in section A, chapters 3-4-5-6, since you already have sections 1 (Select a Topic) and 2 (Select a Research Article) completed. This is not the actual critique from (Section B), which is the final product.
2. In one or two sentences (where practical), or a very brief paragraph, respond to the questions or suggestions identified in the guidance (very basic requirement, similar to responding to the basic discussion points in the text). Organize and label your document as listed according to the format of the guidance—very basic format. Follow and respond to each area that applies, and if it does not apply, then give a brief response referencing why it does not apply—as a basic approach don’t leave it blank.
3. Make sure you list your references as part of your outline (your article and text, etc., and the page number), to identify the specific literature area that you reviewed in support of the assignment—in addition to the primary article you are analyzing, add in another piece of material such your text, analysis guidance document, or another piece of material, on statistics, for example.
Additional notes:
1. You have had the opportunity to select the article
2. You should be able to complete the assignment, for the midterm with a one or two sentence response to each line-item. I am only looking for an outline type response, for the midterm. I want to see that you are on track. The final analysis will be in a more detailed format.
3. The guidance is—well organized and concise, respond based on what you need to say to the readers. you must practice deciding what that content must be. I give you a lot of freedom in this area.


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