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The student is required to develop a FUNCTIONAL REPORT discussing the foundation

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The student is required to develop a FUNCTIONAL REPORT discussing the foundations of the digital business architecture of a company that will be decided from the student.
1. Evaluate the resources and capabilities of the Technology and Application Architecture of the company needed to address either the new vision of the company, the external constraints, or opportunities in its near and far away environment. (20%)
2. Within this context of the company, critically analyze the emerging technologies and digital opportunities that can bring new technologies into the company and its digital architecture. Assess what would be their impacts on the company’s people, processes, and data. (30%)
3. Assess the business capability of the company to newly model its digital architecture to create a more efficient and effective framework. Discuss how the solution would be implemented. (40%)
10% of the grade will be allocated to the structure of the work (logical flow of arguments, use of theories and data and level of critical thinking)
Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements: • Submit one file(s) only. • Required file format for main submission: Word document (.docx).
The number of words for the report should not exceed 1500. The word count includes the introduction, body of analysis and conclusion. • Students should be able to research appropriate information to frame their work by developing clear objectives for which the assignment will answer. • Students must consider the use of theories and models, the flow and progression of their critical analysis, overall clarity, structure, and logic of their answers. • Students will be graded on their capacity to prioritize, synthetize, discuss, and evaluate the topic based on various perspectives. • All statements made must be supported by facts, figures, and references. • All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.
STRUCTURE OF THE REPORT Cover Page (1 page) The first slide must contain the full name of the student, the logo of the school as well as the name of the course and the name of the professor. The work must have an explicit title detailing the challenges, results, and recommendations Table of Contents (2 pages max) The titles listed in the Table of Contents must match the titles as they appear in the text. The page numbers listed in the Table of Contents must match the page numbers of items as they appear in the text. For clarity, each section heading should be numbered, this will facilitate the creation of sub-headings. Introduction (max 300 words) Background of the topic. Why studying this specific company is interesting? What are the macro trends and cycles that are affecting the way all companies in this industry operate? Choose the company you will be analyzing related to the industry you have presented in the background. You must clearly scope your work by explaining whether you decide to focus on: • The entire company (Corporate level) • A Strategic Business Unit of the Patenting Company. • A division, department, or activity of the company, i.e. the marketing and sales department (Operational level). Please note your scope should be based on the capacity to find relevant information. Remind the main problematic/research aim of the report in the introduction. It is important that the reader can identify a redline for the work addressing the question: what is the main question the report will be discussing? Present the main objectives of the work. These objectives are based on the instructions given in the assessment brief. Consequently, and for clarity, each section of your work in the body analysis (critical discussion) should be organized based on these questions. CRITICAL DISCUSSION (approximately 1000 words) CONCLUSION (200 words) • Restate the main issues identified by the work • Summarize the objectives of the work and link them to your results REFERENCES • You should be referencing in text the origin of the information you are using for to build your arguments. • You should use the Harvard Referencing System (please for detailed support do refer to the Harvard Referencing System document in Moodle). APPENDIX • This section constraints information which can be considered useful to understand the flow of the arguments. • The information/analysis placed in this section should not be considered crucial to understand the main thesis of the work.
Breif is attached below for further details and check main task rubric


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