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Vendor Evaluation Matrix Instructions: Score each vendor on a scale from 1 (poor

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Vendor Evaluation Matrix
Instructions: Score each vendor on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) on each   of your prioritized items. Total up your ratings for each vendor to help make   your comparisons. Write the names of the vendors you are comparing in the   watermark space provided in vendor columns. Use the blank rows at the end of   the worksheet to ask your own questions.
Can the system accommodate (and potentially   improve) my workflow?
Can I easily build and/or customize   “off-the-shelf” templates?
Does the system offer a variety of data entry   options, e.g., dictation, voice recognition, structured notes, etc.? 
Can I complete a prescription within a few   clicks?
Can I look up medication information, and is   this information valuable?
How extensive (and how sensitive) is the   system’s interactions-checking capability, e.g., drug-drug, drug-allergy,   drug-food?
Lab and   Results Management
Can I complete a lab order within a few   clicks?
Can the system send lab orders electronically   to laboratories, hospitals, etc. in my local market?
Can I pull up and review lab results within a   few clicks?
Decision   Support
Does the system utilize clinical information   from all parts of the chart to provide decision support?
Disease and   Population Management
Assuming good data entry for all patients, can   I query the system and identify patients that have a particular condition,   are on a certain medication, etc.?
Health Record   Management
Can I look up a patient by a number of   different criteria, e.g., name, MRN, SSN, etc.?
Does the system provide a summary view of a   patient’s health status?
Clinical   Tasking and Messaging
Can I access and manage various tasks, e.g.,   sign progress notes, review labs, etc. within a few clicks?
Can I task or message someone else in the   practice and do it with a few clicks?
Financial Considerations
Roughly how much could the system cost my   clinic?


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