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Discussion 1: As we close out our time together, and with Easter celebrations am

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Discussion 1:
As we close out our time together, and with Easter celebrations among Christians just concluding, the importance of Jesus Christ is at the forefront.  So I thought it interesting to mention Christmas in April.  Christians celebrate His birth.  (Even non-Christians celebrate it!)  Tim Keller is a prolific writer for believers of Christ.  Nonbelievers also like his writings as they stir thought and perspectives.  For this final time, select one of these statements from Hidden Christmas: The Surprising Truth Behind the Birth of Christ (Viking, 2016) [interview] ( and reflect on what they mean to you, especially as you’ve been exposed to the principles of Christ and the Virtuous Business Model:
“He is a Light for us when all other lights go out.” (15)
“Christmas is not simply about a birth but about a coming.” (20)
“The gospel, because it is a true story, means all the best stories will be proved, in the ultimate sense, true.” (28)
“When you say, `Doctrine doesn’t matter; what matters is that you live a good life,’ that is a doctrine. It is called the doctrine of salvation by your works rather than by grace. It assumes that you are not so bad that you need a Savior, that you are not so weak that you can’t pull yourself together and live as you should. You are actually espousing a whole set of doctrines about the nature of God, humanity, and sin. And the message of Christmas is that they are all wrong.” (131)
“If Christmas is just a nice legend, in a sense you are on your own. But if Christmas is true, then you can be saved by grace.” (133)
Discuss specific biblical perspectives that can be applied within the Virtuous Business Model.
Discussion 2:
How would you evaluate the potential for organizational success of certain emerging technologies, and why did you select the evaluation criteria used in your answer?


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