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You are to write a 4–6-page paper addressing the following ethical dilemma: You

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You are to write a 4–6-page paper addressing the following ethical dilemma: You are a rookie police officer who responds to a call for officer assistance. Arriving at the scene, you see a ring of white police officers surrounding an African American suspect who is down on his knees. You don’t know what happened before you arrived, but you see a sergeant use a Taser on the suspect, and you see two other more experienced officers hitting the suspect with their nightsticks about the head and shoulders. This goes on for several minutes as you stand behind the circle. No one says anything that would indicate this was inappropriate behavior and no one tells the officers to stop. Identify the ethical dilemma, identify the stakeholders who have an interest in how the dilemma is resolved along with their points of view, provide possible courses of action to resolve the dilemma, and choose the course of action that you believe is most appropriate. Follow these guidelines in writing your paper: 1. The paper length should be between 4-6 written pages in length (excluding references and a cover page). It should be double-spaced, with 12-point type, Times New Roman or Arial font, one-inch margins on all sides, and left justified. 2. The paper should have a cover page with the title, your name, the course title and CRN number of the class, and date of submission. 3. You must have at least 6 references, but preferably more, and all sources must be cited correctly according to APA guidelines. You will need to provide a reference list and that also must be in APA style. If you have questions about how to cite using APA, there are some useful guidelines on the UHD Library website. At least four of your sources must be academic (academic journals, law reviews, scholarly books, and government or organizational reports). Avoid using websites, Wikipedia, and the text as sources. 4. You must check your grammar and spelling carefully. I strongly suggest that you use a program like Grammarly ( It checks your grammar and provides suggestions to correct it. It’s free to use for a paper of this length. 5. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR PAPER AS A PDF FILE. If you use a word-processing program such as MS Word, simply click on Save as and select PDF as a file extension. Top Hat does not allow file submissions that are in word format. 6. Paper grades will be based upon the following: • Describe the dilemma in detail having gathered all pertinent facts and identifies what must be decided (25%) • Determines who should be involved in the decision-making process and thoroughly reflect on the viewpoints of stakeholders (25%) • Clarify three or more alternatives and evaluate each on the basis of whether or not there is interest and concern over the welfare of all stakeholders (25%) • Select choice of action given the facts of the situation and describe in detail why this action is best (25%)


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