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*****Thesis to be used for this paper *** (Taking vacations is beneficial to you

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*****Thesis to be used for this paper *** (Taking vacations is beneficial to your well-being because relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery pulls you away from your usual routine, and makes you feel more present at the moment.) Remember that you can only stick to those 2 points. Find articles that support that. listed below are the article links pick 4 articles to incorporate into this paper. Things to remember for the Passion Paper: 1. This is a research paper. Your argument is backed up by expert opinions (found in the library databases). There is less of you in this paper–and more of the experts. 2. The paper is organized very carefully around your approved thesis (remember–if you change your thesis at all it must be re-approved by me first). Here is an example of a thesis: Joe Schmoe should not be traded by the Los Angeles Lakers because he is a great blocker and a consistent three-point shooter. Now–you can give me one paragraph (after the intro) telling me about Joe Schmoe’s career on the Lakers to give us some background. Then–the rest of the body paragraphs would be divided evenly between blocking (which has to be first) and then three-point shooter. Then a conclusion. No other benefits of keeping Schmoe can be included in this paper because the THESIS IS BOSS. 3. You will need at least four sources and this is a 6-7 page paper, minimum. ~ BELOW ARE LINKS FOR THE PAPER ,USE FOUR ARTICLES~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Taking That Vacation Is Actually Good For Your Health ( Taking a Vacation For Your Well-Being Is Important to Your Success – Rogue Experiences The Importance of Taking Vacation Time to De-stress and Recharge | Brain & Behavior Research Foundation ( The Importance of Vacations to Our Physical and Mental Health | Psychology Today 9 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling ( Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health (


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