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The topic of my paper is school shootings and creating safe schools. This topic

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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The topic of my paper is school shootings and creating safe schools. This topic relates to the course description because community policing can help with this issue. Mental health plays a crucial role when it comes to school shootings. Rehabilitation is a solution that can help with mental health. Community policing and rehabilitation are connected because both try to help rather than punishing individuals. Addressing and trying to prevent traumatic situations such as school shooting will be helpful in the future. Scholarly Journal Articles citation proper format Flannery, D. J., Modzeleski, W., & Kretschmar, J. M. (2013). Violence and school shootings. Current Psychiatry Reports, 15(1), 331. Anderson, D. M., & Sabia, J. J. (2018). Child-Access-Prevention Laws, Youths’ Gun Carrying, and School Shootings. Journal of Law & Economics, 61(3), 489–524. _ Flannery, D. J., Fox, J. A., Wallace, L., Mulvey, E., & Modzeleski, W. (2021). Guns, School Shooters, and School Safety: What We Know and Directions for Change. School Psychology Review, 50(2–3), 237–253. One paragraph summary for each of your three articles…. 1) The academic journal focuses on school shootings and the impacts they have on the school, individuals, and the community. The focus is multiple homicide incidents and mental health issues of the shooter. The authors talk about current policies related to school shootings and the role of mental health professionals in assessing risk and supporting surviving victims. 2) This academic journal examines the relationship between child access prevention among high school students. Child access prevention laws are heavily talked about in the journal. A data set was used to examine school shooting related deaths. They also look at what child prevention laws are likely to bind. 3) This academic journal summarize data and understand the prevalence of gun violence at schools and risk of rampage school shootings. It also focuses on three strategies that schools use to reduce school shootings and school safety. The strategies are addressing the role of mental health in school shootings and violence perpetration; implementing multidisciplinary threat assessment protocols; and target hardening and utilizing school resource officers.


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