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Step 1: Choose a question and brainstorm ideas What is the role of family and fr

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Step 1: Choose a question and brainstorm ideas What is the role of family and friends in overcoming situations of homelessness?; Can there still be hope in the bleakest situations?; How do the main characters overcome obstacles and demonstrate resilience?; Does the novel Theories of relativity brush a just portrayal of women?; What is the importance of self-identity to overcome hardships?; Other question of your choice Brainstorm ideas and arguments by making a list of characters, events and passages which could help you develop your essay-type response. Sort your ideas by organizing them into categories. Step 2: Develop an outline Use the following document Graphic Organizer to create an outline of your work. Develop a strong topic sentence or an introduction that refers to the question. Develop two main arguments. For each main argument, you will have three supporting arguments. Find key passages from the novel in support of your arguments. You should have six short passages from the novel in your essay-type response. Make note of the page numbers in your outline. Determine a logical order for your main and supporting arguments. Step 3: Write your essay-type response Write a clear introduction paragraph, which includes an opening statement, mention of the author and title of the novel, a topic sentence and breakdown of your two main arguments. Write two body paragraphs, each of which should have three supporting arguments and reference to three key passages in the text as well as commentary regarding the key passages. Remember to use MLA methodology for in-text citations. Write an effective conclusion that restates the essay-type response’s key ideas (e.g., review information presented in your introduction). Include a Works Cited page with a reference to the novel and any other sources mentioned or quoted in your essay-type response. Step 4: Revise, edit and publish your work Once your essay-type response is complete, begin by revising your text (e.g., removing irrelevant details, reviewing your word choice and use of formal language, confirming proper use of essay structure). Edit and proofread your work to apply common language conventions (e.g., appropriate sentence structure, appropriate usage of verbs and other parts of speech, spelling, punctuation and capitalisation). Publish your essay-type response in the blog you created in Inquiry 3.1. just text me if u have any further question


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