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Research Project Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to translate your res

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Research Project Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to translate your research and what you have learned about your topic into a research paper. This project will help you practice synthesizing your own ideas with sources, supporting an argument, integrating quotes, and writing for an academic audience. These are skills that can be transferred into other college classes and on the job. Skills To practice multiple strategies for prewriting, composing, revising, and editing. To synthesize research with your own perspective To compose with awareness and understanding of both audience and purpose To seek and integrate feedback for revision (from instructor, peers, writer mentor, and tutors) To use sentence structures to help readers see the relationship between ideas To incorporate credible evidence and analysis according to MLA standards To demonstrate creative and critical thinking Task Write a 900-word argument essay: Create an argument essay based on your research question, which synthesizes the research you did in your annotated bibliography. You will compose this piece with an academic audience in mind, and you will also share it with your classmates (secondary audience) at the end of the semester. You can integrate your own personal experience if it serves your argument. Integrate quotes from 4 sources: You should integrate at least one in-text citation from four sources that are all listed in a Works Cited page. You can use the three sources that you used for your annotated bibliography or use new ones (make sure to evaluate them). Your fourth source can be be a multimodal source, such as an interview, graph, or relevant image that adds something to your research. (See MLA Student Sample in WR for an example of citing an image). Criteria A successful project: Meets the basic requirements of the assignment: 900 words, minimum six paragraphs, four sources in WC page and at least one in-text citation from each. Has been created by the student for this semester Does not contain plagiarism of any kind Correctly integrates and documents quotations and sources Includes a WC page as its last page Has been carefully edited and proofread to minimize documentation, grammatical, and other editing errors Follows MLA style and guidelines (spacing, indent, margins, etc.). Note: Any new sources you use do not require an annotation. However, make sure to evaluate them and make sure they are credible.


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