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REQUIREMENTS (20 points): The paper will be at least 3 pages long, but no longer

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REQUIREMENTS (20 points): The paper will be at least 3 pages long, but no longer than 4 pages. Double- spaced using Calibri, size 12-point font size. Cite resources in the format of your choice. I will deduct points for not following these requirements. 1. (40 points) The first part of this project is a report on the rules and regulations that federal, state, and/or local governments impose on the industry in which you are seeking a degree and the career you’re pursuing. a. State your degree and the career you are interested in pursuing with a short description of your career. b. Are there any licensing requirements? c. What agencies regulate your career choice and what rules and regulations are in place for it? d. Include 1-3 agencies’ rules, regulations, and sanctions for violation in your paper specific to your degree/career. A lot of industries have several agencies that have rules and regulations related to your degree. These agencies can be federal, state, and/or local government agencies. I don’t want a bullet point list of agencies. 2. (40 points) The second part of this project is a legal case study of government regulation. a. What is a legal case involving your degree/career? b. Who are the parties to the case? c. How does this apply to your career? d. What were/are the violations and sanction? Outcome of the case. e. What are your thoughts on the rules, regulations, the santions that pertain to your career and the outcome of your case study that involved your career choice? EXAMPLE: If you are getting a degree in Accounting and you want to work in a CPA firm 1. The paper could include the agencies that regulate accountants (CPA’s, CFE’s, etc.), the licensing requirements (education, the type of licensing and how to obtain it, continuing education, etc.). You could write on Financial Accounting Standards Board, IRS, Securities and Exchange Commission, Individual state boards (the state where you might want to live). 2. What are some of the violations an accountant could be accused of and what are some possible sanctions? For example, an accountant could be charged with violating the IRS code by evading taxes. What types of sanctions/penalties would be involved? 3. What legal case involved accounting? How about Enron, Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, etc. a. Who was involved and what was the outcome? 4. What are your thoughts on how your new career is regulated and any thoughts on the legal case you researched? You can do any type of business career but I am a Professional Golf Association students so if it isn’t a hassle I would appreciate if it had something to do with running a golf course or giving golf lessons.


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