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Promotional Mix Discussion Details Below is information on 2 different events. F

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Promotional Mix Discussion Details Below is information on 2 different events. FOR EACH EVENT: Explain who the target market is using at least 5 demographics and 5 psychographics Identify 4 channels within the element categories of direct marketing, online/inbound marketing, or advertising that would be the best to use in promoting the event to its target market. DO NOT include website. That is an assumed channel for all events. For each of the 4 channels you selected, explain why it is the best – why will that channel put your information in front of your target market? Why will your target market respond to this type of communication? Ex: If your event was for senior citizens, a blog would not be the best channel as fewer senior citizens are online and value recommendations from personal contacts more than a stranger. BOTH EVENTS BELOW OFFER FACE-TO-FACE & VIRTUAL OPTIONS DURING COVID EVENT #1 Parenting Expo: Parenting Expo Indianapolis is a 2-day public event July 23-24 at the Indiana Convention Center. This event includes classes on parenting issues, fun family events, and a tradeshow with exhibits featuring products like baby care, education and child care, food and nutrition, health and medical, toys, games and activities, sports and fitness, clothing and accessories, children’s furniture and décor, safety products and services and more. This annual event attracts 10,000 attendees. EVENT #2 National Grain & Feed Association (NGFA): The NGFA national annual conference, November 3-5 at the JW Marriott, has 600 attendees. The conference is for NGFA members only, has a tradeshow with exhibits, expert speakers, and industry education. The NGFA was founded in 1896, and is a non-profit trade association that represents and provides services for grain, feed and related commercial businesses. NGFA members are companies – 1,000 currently. Those 1,000 manage over 6,000 facilities, which handle more than 70 percent of all U.S. grains and oilseeds. These 1,000 companies include: country elevators that provide storage, merchandising and farm supply services to farmers feed mills that manufacture feeds for the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and pet food industries grain processors and millers who process raw grain into flour, corn meal, syrup, and soybean oil livestock and poultry integrators


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