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Process Evaluation in greater fifth ward houston

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Public health | 0 comments

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Hello pls write a 1 and a half page essay on Process Evaluation in greater fifth ward houston with an
1. Overview
2. Steps
3. Actual process evaluation questions
I will show you an example from the previous class so you get an understanding. I will also send you part 3 to what we have done so far. This essay you are going to be doing is part of part 4. I will also send you a pdf of the ASSIST program we are using to help with tobacco cessation if that helps.
more information about process evaluation: Process Evaluation Domain: Capacity Some questions or areas of interest for this domain are: Do staff have the knowledge needed to successfully implement the program Do staff have the skills needed to carry out the program What additional training/support is needed for staff to be able to carry out the program The capacity of the not only the team but the implementing organization is very important to the success of the implementation If everyone does not have the necessary tools and skills, then your program will likely not be implemented as designed. I will also send the link to the textbook so you can find more information on process evaluation if needed. thanks
also for the process evaluation pls focus on the inputs, activities and outputs of the logic model we did in part 3. follow that for the evaluation process and the questions. A cdc pdf link to how a process model should look like will also be provided. if this helps we are using the quasi experimental method. if i forget any files i will send in the messages.thank you


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