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On November 22, 1963; President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a

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On November 22, 1963; President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Tx. There are many conspiracy theories that exist when it comes to who was behind the murder. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested shortly after the assassination at the Texas Theatre. He was shot and killed two day’s later as he was being escorted through the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters. Many feel that the Mafia was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. Others feel Oswald did it alone. Even others believe Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved. Consider this statement. G. Robert Blakey, who was the chief counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations said this in regards to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, “The most plausible explanation for the murder of Oswald by Jack Ruby was that Ruby had stalked him on behalf of organized crime, trying to reach him on at least three occasion in the forty-eight hours before he silenced him forever.” IF an organized crime group was involved AND Oswald was killed to keep quiet, how important is it to note where Oswald was murdered at? If you don’t know the answer to that, you will find out in your research. Research the assassination of President Kennedy. As you can imagine, there is an abundance of information out there. With that said, there is a lot of conspiracy stuff out there as well. Do your best to stay away from the NON FACTUAL stuff. In your research, find items that have legitimate sources. Provide a summary of the assassination. What evdience, if any, exists that an organized crime group was involved in the murder? If so, what organized crime group was or is suspected of having involvement in the murder? Who were the people involved and how? What was the motive behind the assassination and was there something to gain from the death of the President? There is no right or wrong answer here. You can even conclude your paper with your opinion, if you wish. I want you to enjoy this assignment. Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, which does not include the cover page or reference page. Please have at least three references and cite when appropriate. If you include photos, make sure to caption them.


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