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Notes to help: Based on these measured results, the lion-share of the P&P Error

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Notes to help: Based on these measured results, the lion-share of the P&P Error concerns We started to log trackable & measurable data regarding Operator Names (who committed the P&P Errors). This will assist in the accountability component of our P&P Error rates. This will be tracked at the TL level and managed by the AM’s throughout the shift. We are also committed to ensuring that our TL’s have a daily start-up knowledge of their prior day’s performance, and listen to their feedback or findings to find continual improvement objectives. Short Term: Daily completion of 4 process audits by each member of management (per our new process) Follow up with associates after each process audit is completed (positive reinforcement or coaching on any errors observed). If it is recognized that an associate has more than 1 error, re-training of the PICAs process will be completed by a member of the leadership or training team. Long Term: Continuous Process Improvement Projects: 1. Tracking of all errors by associate. Once a follow up process audit is completed the same member of management will complete a form that will be connected to a P&P error tracker. This will help us identify possible repeat offenders who need further re-training or possible disciplinary action if the process cannot be completed correctly after re-training has occurred. 2. Competition of process audits (4 per day) by each line lead ( for generally being top-of-the-mark in most DC metrics. There is one area, however, where we have noticed a recent degradation in performance, that being Pick & Pack Errors. To give you some context, our goal for 2022 was no more than 1.50%. Our average for the first 13 weeks of 2022 is sitting at 1.71%. Our new Pick & Pack goal will be changing from 1.50% to no more than 1.30%. Sitting at a 1.71% YTD, we clearly have some ways to go. How are we going to achieve that? Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving communications about some changes that the TX leadership team is making to ensure that quality, in the form of Pick & Pack Errors, is one of our top two interdependent priorities along with associate safety. Sure, we’ve done some amazing things with controlling cost and, subsequently, reducing MPB, and our production rates (BPH) are great as well, but if associate safety and customer quality aren’t right, these other metrics really don’t matter. Please review and action the two directions noted below. Action 1 The first required action is that every leader, every day they work, perform (4) Process Audits per day. To be clear, this applies to every AM, PM, WHM, and OM in Shipping, Receiving, Replenishment, Inventory, and Production. The expectation is not only performing the audits daily, but providing feedback/coaching in the moment if an associate is not following the expected steps, and then observing afterwards to ensure that your coaching has resulted in changed behaviors. In the future, we will be performing Process Audits in QA App, but it has not yet been built-out for our site. So in the meantime, we will be using the existing Google Process Audit form. Just like Near Misses, we will be reviewing compliance on a weekly basis.


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