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Molecular Genetics

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Class Discussion 4 [D4]
Class Discussion 4
Topic: Genetics
Chapter 12/13: Molecular Genetics
For this discussion, please select one of the topic questions regarding information and context from chapters 12 and 13 of your textbook. Please read all components of the questions and be sure to answer each in as much detail as needed. Then, provide a critical review of the information, what do you think about the topic? Share your views with the class.
Structure of your response:
Part 1: Select a topic and provide the appropriate level of response. This includes a well-structured and properly cited response. All responses should be organized to demonstrate your understanding of the information.
Part 2: Provide your views and critical response to the topic.
Writing Prompts
1. Over the course of these chapters, we have read about the many contributions by various figures that have all played a significant role in determining that DNA is the genetic blueprint. Please list any four of these figures and define their contributions. Please include what exactly their findings helped determine.
2. In mammalian females, one of the two X chromosomes in each cell is randomly inactivated during embryonic development. Please explain this process in brief. Why is this important (think about this from a genetic disorder point of view). What is the inactivated structure called?
3. In 1952, Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase showed that DNA is the genetic material of a phage known as T2. They designed an experiment showing that only the DNA of the T2 phage, and not the protein, enters an E. coli cell during infection. Please summarize their experimental approach in as much detail as possible. What were their findings? Do you agree with their findings?
This assignment should be a minimum of 300 words. Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1-inch margins, saved on a word document, and uploaded to Canvas. Please remember to cite all sources. You can use any method of citation (i.e., MLA, APA, AMA, Chicago).
Initial posts are due Friday, April 8th by Midnight. You must respond to at least two peers by Sunday, April 10th by midnight. There are no extensions or exemptions from discussions.
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