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Integrative and Comparative Biology or Integrative Organismal Biology

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The theme of this assignment is “comprehension.” You will choose an experimental article from a list of scientific journals (magazines), summarize it in 3 pages, and then orally present the article in front of your colleagues. Journals that you may chose articles from are limited to: Integrative and Comparative
Biology or Integrative Organismal Biology. You will become the class expert on this article and should be prepared to discuss it at length.
The Written Report
Written Report Format (see also Guidelines for written reports):
Length: Three pages (±¼ page), not including bibliography and diagrams.
Cover: No report cover, binder, or separate title page.
Title: In your own words, not the title of the article (you didn’t write that; someone else did.)
Content: In 3 pages, you cannot thoroughly review all of the details in a full research paper. Instead, you
will focus on 1 or 2 of the experiments executed by the authors of the article. In your paper
explain the article including the introduction, methodology, results, and discussion, including the
most important finding of your source article. You may need to include graphs to do this. Attach graphs on separate pages and reference them in the format of the journal. The idea behind this
part of the assignment is to demonstrate your comprehension of the article by summarizing the most important parts of it.
Writing: The paper must be written in your own words in the third person. Summary of the materials and
methods section of the paper are in the past tense. With some exceptions, other sections are in the
present tense. Do not simply paraphrase or quote the authors(s) of your source article. The
sentences in your paper must be written by you. If you don’t understand an article well enough to
discuss it in your own words you can visit me during office hours or during lab, and I can address
any questions you might have about your paper. Quotes from the article are not acceptable. If any
sentence or portion of a sentence has been simply copied from the article, I will stop grading your
paper immediately and score it a zero.
Any quotes from the article, even properly done, will be ignored and not considered part of your
Attach a .pdf copy of the article as a comment to on your paper.
Bibliography: For your source article and for any other sources that you may also have used, provide a
full bibliographic reference at the end of your written report. Use the bibliographic format
included in the handout, “Guidelines for Written Assignments.” Keep in mind that there is no
requirement for you to do research beyond your source article unless you chose to do so to achieve
a better comprehension of its topic.


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