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In case of plagiarism and late delivery, the assignment will be CANCEL Instructi

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In case of plagiarism and late delivery, the assignment will be CANCEL Instructions: watch the film “Short Term 12” and document your observations. You will focus your observations on either “Marcus” or “Jayden” from the film, and then complete parts of the PoC based on this character. There is a PoC specific to Marcus and a PoC specific to Jayden. In these, a lot of background has been filled in for you. Some of this is fabricated and based on/extended from information from the film for the purpose of this assignment. You should use any information in the film as well as the fabricated information in the PoC for your foundation. Link to Short Term 12 here: The PoC outline for your character has highlighted sections that must be completed. These include some basic identifying information and signature sections. However, the majority of your responsibility in this report are the following sections: Assessment (with multiple sections/sub-headings) Goal Setting Strategies for Intervention These sections are to be written in detail and should be based on all of the information you have about this character, as well as what you determine is important (e.g., you will be creating goals, strategies for intervention based on what you’ve observed, what is “known”, and also your clinical insights – your ideas based on all of the info you have). The collection of information about the youth/family Deciding what should be included in the Plan of Care report and in which section The proofreading and editing of specific sections A final overall proofread / editing to make sure it flows and is not missing any important, relevant information. The rubric and some material to help you completed the assignment is attached bellow.


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