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I need a rough draft by tomorrow 4-11-22 Assignment: To  deliver a 6-7 minute sp

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I need a rough draft by tomorrow 4-11-22
To  deliver a 6-7 minute speech designed to persuade the audience about a problem facing society.
To complete this assignment, you should:
Select a topic that can be presented to your audience in a persuasive manner and conduct research on this topic
Select a minimum of five (5) different sources that can be used in writing your speech
Prepare a typed, full sentence speech outline using the elements defined in Chapter 6 and Chapter 9 and that can be delivered in 6-7 minutes
Use the sources you have selected throughout your speech by writing oral citations that include author name(s), credentials, publishing source, and publishing date within your typed outline. You will deliver these aloud during your speech (see, Chapter 7 and Canvas).
Create an APA reference page for the sources you have selected (see, Chapter 7 and Canvas)
Turn in a rough draft to the Canvas assignment for instructor feedback and then make revisions based upon feedback
Practice delivering the speech outside of class and complete the workshop during the corresponding Delivery Workshop Day 
Create a visual aid that helps further compel your audience to action (see, Chapter 8 for tips). This visual aid can be a choice between a slide deck presentation (PowerPoint or Google Slides) or a handout/infographic. You will submit this to the assignment marked Persuasive Speech Visual Aid and will not be required to deliver with your visual aid. 
Turn in your final speech draft before the 1st day of speeches. All outlines must be turned in to the assignment on Canvas. Late, incomplete, or unrevised drafts will result in a deduction of points from the speech score. Speech scores will be withheld until a final draft is correctly submitted
Deliver your speech on the day you have been assigned
On your assigned speech day prepare the following:


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