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Compare Indian society with that of the Europeans

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Remember choose 1 of the following 3 questions and write a 2-3 page paper analyzing the issue/question thoroughly.
NO ONLINE Resources can be used- the textbook, any posted videos/ videos from class, or the powerpoints are the only items that may be referenced in the exam. If you are citing anything at the end of the sentence add a parenthetical notation.
1. Was there ever a possibility that the Native Peoples could have “won”? If so, what form could this victory have taken? If not, why not?
2. Compare Indian society with that of the Europeans. What differences were there? Similarities? Be sure to include in your analysis ideas about religion, land, and gender roles.
3. Explain the reasons behind the various conflicts between the English and the Indians. How do differing perceptions of land and liberty fit into the story? How does trade play a part?
First Americans; A history of Native Peoples second edition; Kenneth W. Townsend


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