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4 Ways Businesses Maintain Speed And Flexibility When Disruption Hits. https://w

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4 Ways Businesses Maintain Speed And Flexibility When Disruption Hits. Please note that you are NOT considering/using the related articles. In the second article, please note that you are NOT writing about supply chains. 1.) Provide a brief summary of a current (within two months of the date of the assignment) article from a Business Publication (See Bibliography/References at the end of the syllabus.), dealing with the application of microeconomics to decision making. Provide an analysis and critique of one sentence from the article. In the analysis, students MUST indicate what microeconomics concept(s), principle(s), theory (theories), etc. is (are) being used (or implied) and if it (they) is (are) being used (or implied) correctly. The sentence being analyzed is also the sentence being critiqued. (In instances where more than one person is addressing the same issue, you will need to analyze and critique sentences for all involved.) Note that professional journal articles in economics are NOT listed in the above sources to be considered for this assignment. The report MUST include an appendix which contains a copy of the section(s) of the article which is(are) relevant to your chosen statement, with the statement(s) being analyzed highlighted. Failure to include the section(s) of the article with the statement(s) being analyzed highlighted will result in a zero grade for the assignment. All graphs/tables are to be included in the body of the report. See the syllabus for further instructions. 2.) Legendary for his business and investment acumen, Warren Buffett is frequently called the “Oracle of Omaha” after his birthplace in Omaha, Nebraska. As one of the world’s wealthiest business owner-investors, business executives are always interested in any insight or opinion Mr. Buffett might wish to share. Explain each one of the following statements made by Warren Buffett. (Quotations from The Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2002.) “You cannot be the high-cost producer in a commodity business.” “Sometimes it’s not even any good to be the low-cost producer.” 3.) Microconcept: Situation: “Company A is willing to produce more generators if the price of a unit is $10,000 than if the price of a unit is $7,000.” What is the microeconomics in this situation? Answer: See the syllabus for an example. 4.) The Wall Street Journal reported that businesses are aggressively pushing consumers to pay bills electronically. Numerous banks dropped their monthly fees for online bill paying, and many merchants are offering incentives for customers to sign up for online bill payment. Aside from the direct cost savings to businesses, such as lower postage and other administrative costs, what other reason might explain a business’s interest in online bill payment? Explain your answer.


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