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1)Both characters make some valid points. Did you find yourself agreeing more wi

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1)Both characters make some valid points. Did you find yourself agreeing more with Wally, or Andre? How effective was this film? With just one setting, consistent lighting, simple camera shots, a dull colour palette… were you drawn into the conversation? Did the film hold your attention? Did it make you feel something about your own life? Did it make you reflect upon your own orientation to the world? This conversation could have taken place anywhere (a bar, a park bench, the bleachers at a ball game, a subway car)… Why was the film set in a restaurant? And why a fancy restaurant? What does this setting, and the ways both characters navigate this setting, do to the meaning of the film? Living as we do, in a fast-paced world of machines and electronic technology, is it still possible to have deep and profound conversations? How often do we have such conversations these days? When we do have deep conversations, are they respectful and amicable? As always, feel free to discuss any other aspects of this film: themes, cinematography, misé-en-scene, editing, acting, etc. Your entry should be roughly 500 words. 2) Is Lola really free? If her choices have such a dramatic effect on those around her, then to what extent is she being affected by the decisions of countless others? When taken together, could the free will of billions of people reverse into a kind of determinism? Are we really free, or are we all just acting out a series of limited and pre-determined choices? Pay attention to camera angles and the mise-en-scene when thinking about these questions. What does the opening monologue suggest? I’m especially interested to know what you made of the security guard’s comment: “The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes. That’s a fact. Everything else is pure theory.” Is he offering a kind of pragmatic moral coaching? It almost seems as though his comment bears a fatalist tinge… What do the various photo montages suggest about free will vs. fate? What does the camera flash sound at the end of the film suggest about Lola’s future? The film stock (type of film and its quality) changes at certain points throughout the movie. What might this suggest? Why does this happen at certain times? Lola has the uncanny ability to unleash rending screams. Why does she scream? What do her screams accomplish? Does the editing change from one run to the next? If so, how, and to what effect? And of course, feel free to discuss anything else about the film you found interesting, confusing, troubling, significant, etc. Your entry should be roughly 500 words.


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