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Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Religious studies | 0 comments

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12.1 Final Reflection Essay
At the beginning of this course, you answered the question, “Who Do You Say Jesus Is?” Throughout this course, we have explored how Matthew portrays Jesus. This assignment provides an opportunity to return to your first assignment and see how your encounter with Matthew’s portrayal of Jesus has shaped your own.
For this final reflection paper, you will have the opportunity to revisit the question, “Who is Jesus?,” which you explored at the outset of the semester. In 1000-1200 words, this paper should address the following questions:
Who is Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew? What are the most salient features of this portrayal?
Who do you say that Jesus is now at the end of this course? How is your understanding similar to and different from Matthew’s understanding/portrayal of Jesus?
How does your understanding of Jesus now compare to your understanding from the beginning of the semester as found in your “Who Do I Say Jesus Is?” paper? What has changed?
Papers will be assessed according to the degree to which they demonstrate command of material that has been covered in the course and ability to synthesize course material with personal growth and reflection. It is expected that you will use external sources (the Bible plus other course material) to help support your statements and cite them appropriately. Failure to incorporate such information will be graded accordingly.


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