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What role do citizens play in shaping policies in the EU?

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Political science | 0 comments

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What role do citizens play in shaping policies in the EU? Please examine two concrete processes through which they do so. To what extent is the EU suffering from a democratic deficit?
The first part of the question asks what role that citizens play in shaping policies in the EU- It seems to me this means what ways they can influence policy decisions– The Two ways that I believe they are able to and that I would like to be included in the essay if you concur are– #1- Vote in elections for members of the European Parliament who can then push for policies citizens support. Every citizen of the EU votes for the Parliament of the European Union through universal suffrage #2- Through Special Interest groups and lobbying organizations who can lobby the European Commission to pass the policies and legislation that citizens desire. EU citizens can also directly call on the commission for legislation of interest to them- an initiative by the citizens must- be supported by at least one million EU citizens from at least seven different EU member states. The legislative proposal must also be within the institutional competence of the EU bodies- I am not sure if this has ever actually happened though.
These are the only two ways I am aware of that citizens can play a role in the European Union. If you find other concrete ways they can, please include it and let me know!
The Second part of the question asks- To what extent is the EU suffering from a democratic deficit?
As I believe these are only two ways for Citizens to influence policy it seems to be that there is certainly a democratic deficit within the EU. I would like you to say that their is a democratic deficit, but that the EU is still a democratic institution and that at least their citizens have ways to influence policy and decision making- But be sure to make it clear that it could surely be more democratic.
The essay should primarily focus on policy making through the lens of the creation of the single market economy in the EU and the CFSP common foreign and security policy as sort of case studies for evidence- these are two of the EUs largest policy creations that citizens had a limited role(Two ways indicated above) in formulating.
I have attached some documents below that could assist-
The First is about the creation of the CFSP and the groups that were involved- Notice almost no citizen influence is possible absent from the commission and the parliament as previously mentioned.
The second document has so more information on the creation of the CFSP.
The third document is about the creation of the Single European Market and the actors involved.
No footnotes or direct quotes please just provide me any sources that you use.
Please try to do some research on the topic if needed, but if you feel you do not need any other sources no worries- thanks!
Some of the paper guidelines-
Strong and Clearly Identifiable Thesis
Statement: The thesis should be a concise, clear and effective summary of the main argument (your answer to the question) in the beginning of the paper. If I have to wonder what the thesis is, or where the thesis is, then the thesis is not strong and clear.
Does not want a long elaborate intro they want the paper to be to the point.
Thank you very much for your help!


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