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Differentiate training from education and development

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Please respond to this student’s discussion response.
Differentiate training from education and development. Give personal examples and cite ideas from your text and other sources per course outline.
According to Oxford Languages, education is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” Similarly, receiving a graduate degree in the field of human resource management or any other major is the process of getting an education. I believe that education is a process in which you receive and retain information, but it is not always a hands-on practice as training.
According to the textbook “Employee Training & Development” written by Raymond Noe, training refers to a planned effort by a company to facilitate learning of job-related competencies, knowledge, skills, and behaviors by employees (p. 8) Based on the definition of training refers to the study of a more specialized approach on a skill in the workplace. For example, in my current field of social work, I received an education in human development from my respective university. In human development, we were given a broader understanding in our education on mental development in human beings and their development. However, in my training with the Department of Children and Family Services for the social work position, we are provided extensive training on trauma-informed practice that trains social workers on best practice approaches to minimize trauma and the effects of trauma on the development of children and families.
According to the text, development refers to training as well as formal education, job experiences, relationships, and assessments of personality, skills, and abilities that help employees prepare for future jobs or positions (p.8). My understanding of development is that it can be a refresher or training to grow the skills that the employer possesses.
Noe, R. (2019). Employee Training & Development (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US).


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