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Assume the role of a PR professional in one of the four career paths of Public Relations

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Assume the role of a PR professional in one of the four career paths of Public Relations:
Agency (hired by private organizations/companies/persons) – you will have to identify who has hired you for your PR services
For example:
Hired by a specific celebrity in the wake of a scandal
Hired by a growing small business to make connections with the community and widen its audience
A specific corporation (indicate which corporate you’ve chosen)
For example:
A specific non-profit organization (indicate which organization you’ve chosen)
For example:
The American Red Cross
A local community food bank
Government (at what level of government would you be working?)
For example:
The Press Secretary for the President of the United States
Public Affairs Specialist for your local city/town/county
In this role, I want you to make a proposal for a specific Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort that would benefit the organization, person, etc. for whom you work, as well as the community. So, in addition to choosing your preferred PR path, you need to identify a specific client within that pathway.
“what you have to do is”
Write out the proposal as you would submit it to your supervisor/client. Within the proposal, be sure to indicate how you would best communicate these CSR efforts to the public (event, news broadcast, social media, etc.).
In other words, how do you see your proposal taking inspiration from one of the pioneers/leaders in modern PR?
Finally, tie your proposed CSR efforts to a specific figure in the history of Public Relations (and include this somehow into your proposal).
At the top of your proposal, include:
Indicate which path of public relations you are “working” within.
Indicate the specific client, corporation, nonprofit organization, or government office you are working for. If the corporation/client is not well known, provide a brief summary of it for context.
Within the actual proposal:
Explain your proposed CSR efforts that connect with your client/organization’s key messages AND benefit the community.
Write out your proposed CSR efforts in a way that you would submit it to your client/supervisor for approval (in a proposal).
How would you communicate these CSR efforts?
Highlight which figure(s) from the history of PR inspired your proposal and indicate why/how.
This should be written as you would submit it to your client. Don’t tell me what you “would” do, write it as if you are the PR professional handing it to your client. The proposal should be around 2 double-spaced pages in length.


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