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AG Heritage Park Lighting Project

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Engineering | 0 comments

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Consider reviewing the following proposal for lighting AG Heritage Park (AHP). Here is the background on the project: AG Heritage Park Lighting Project: ( (Links to an external site.) The Agricultural Heritage Park (AHP) pays tribute to Alabama’s farmers and agricultural sector while also serving as a gathering place for students, faculty, alumni, and friends throughout the year. AHP has become a destination of choice for many College of Agriculture alumni, friends, faculty, and staff for tailgating and a variety of university and community events. Some of the goals of the Park include: 1)Promote interaction between Auburn University, the State’s agricultural community, and the citizens at large 2)Provide facilities and opportunities for bringing statewide youth programs to campus 3)Foster Auburn University and the College of Agriculture as a creative nucleus and intellectual center for research, teaching, and outreach information and activities by providing a site and facilities appropriate for and conducive to a wide range of activities The staff at AHP believe that the interior and exterior lighting are outdated and negatively affect the atmosphere for meaningful interactions within and around the building. For example, it plans to hold research colloquiums in the future but feels as if the poor lighting would negatively affect the overall creative experience for participants. In addition, the fundraisers at the facility have not been very successful and the staff believes a more cheerful lighting ambiance would aid in the overall success of gaining financial commitments since research shows that people in a good mood tend to donate more in amounts and in frequencies. Another key goal for this project is to cut future electricity costs with the new lighting technology available. Drawings: (Included in files) Proposed lighting solutions: (Included in files) Your goal is to review the proposal and find out how it meets the requirements by focusing on the following 3 aspects. 1) Value proposition 3) Customer demands The following template can be used to produce the report. (Included in files)


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