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Thanks again for taking on this assignment in short notice. Attached is my grading rubric as well as some graded material from the policy that I had chosen.
ADVOCACY-IN-ACTION (10 points). The process portion of your Signature Assignment is putting your desired advocacy work “in action.” You will submit a 3-page (12-point, Calibri font, double spaced) reflection on the process as it applies to your policy position that you outlined in the policy brief. Some of what you do will involve using the tools of your advocacy portfolio (e.g., emailing your policy brief to a legislator or agency director, presenting at a virtual board meeting), while the other part is taking time for professional “reflection” on the “what, why, and how” you can be a catalyst in activating real-world policy change around your social issue. I recommend that you keep brief written notes on the activities you undertook and your reflective thoughts about changing the landscape through policy, keeping on topic with the social issue you will be addressing throughout the semester. The notes can be outlined or detailed as much as you need to describe the activities you undertook, what you think was accomplished, how well the process went (e.g., successes and challenges you encountered), and lessons learned (e.g., about advocacy broadly, your role as an advocate, your professional development). Your notes will help you develop some of the content for your final presentation. You will be given class time during one week to devote to your advocacy-in-action activities, and each student is required to log a minimum of 3 hours engaged in activities related to the “Advocacy-in-Action” component of the assignment. Policy links:
Quote from the instructor: ” I would like to see in this. While it’s not a lot to be written, I would love to see some examples of products that you did over the course of the semester when you wrote the people or you had presentations or things like that. That you were involved in. I’m in particularly interested also in how people responded to you, because I think that is one of the important pieces of this. It’s a give and take. It’s how I present, but also how I react to what people respond to me, right ‘cause a lot of people. They don’t get what they want to hear and they get angry and pist off. Away in this. And hopefully one of the things you learned is that policy advocacy is about creating relationships and then utilizing those relationships to getting what you want, right, pushing things forward. And sometimes you can do it directly and sometimes do it indirectly, right? Sometimes you use the opportunity to coattail on the other issues that you also think important. So if you speak to those type of things, I think this is a fairly easy, straightforward what I don’t want you to do is this is a 3 pager double space. God help you if you do a page and a half of it is some freaking quote from some senator or representative.”


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