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Texas government.

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Government | 0 comments

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This is a discussion post for a Government class that is about the Texas government. After reading the article, you must briefly summarize it and do do as it says in the bullet points. This post should be at least 200 words and should have the word count written next to it at the end. Each question should not be written separately it should be written in essay format. You must identify all additional sources with both MLA in-text (parenthetical) citations and references (in a Works Cited section at the end of your posting). For the second bullet point, unit 3 chapters 7-10 cover the topics of: Texas Legislature, Texas Executive Branch ,Texas Judiciary, and Local Government in Texas. You must talk about how the issue read In the article relates to one of these things. All 5 bullet points must be answered fully in this assignment. This assignment is only focusing on the “primary post” part of the assignment not the “response post”. A screen shot of the whole assignment with bullet points is attached below. And the article that needs to be read is: Ratcliffe 2021, How Greg Abbott Became the Most Powerful Governor in Texas History.docx. This assignment must have a works cited page at the end citing the arctic that was used!


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