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There are 3 different writing genres that will be used, an abstract(for an academic journal no work for this has been done yet), a newspaper *please dont use any sources with this, and a speech, please format and write each of these as their genre conventions ask. This part needs to have an additional 700 words added IN TOTAL to the essay already presented. The rhetorical rationale should use the majoritity of the other 900ish word count. PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION!
The following is the directions from the teacher:
(Minimum of 500 words for the Multigenre Persuasive Campaign; Minimum of 1,000 typed, polished words for the Rhetorical Rationale)
This assignment asks you to take a stance on the topic or issue that you have identified within your declared, or prospective, academic major. Drawing from your investigative field research and your analysis of the rhetorical strategies employed by your discourse community, you will compose three new genre compositions to convince your audiences to take action.
To begin, you will take a stance and develop your argument based on the information you have gleaned from the first and second projects. Then, you will identify your audiences; that is, you will decide what audiences would (or should) respond to your argument. For this project, you are required to address at least two unique audiences. Making your audience more concrete and specific will make your rhetorical task easier and will result in a more successful project. Once you have identified your audiences, you will want to consider which three genres will be most effective for reaching your chosen audiences. Your genres are your choice, but this choice should be informed by your analysis and assessment of your rhetorical situation. Finally, you will compose your three genres, developing a researched argument that will target the specific audience you identify.
In addition, you will write a rationale that explains the rhetorical choices you made when composing in each genre and how you see those choices as effective for your purpose, audience, and context. You should explain not only what you did but also why you did what you did. Finally, your rationale should evaluate the effectiveness of your choices (as indicated by feedback you received on drafts), acknowledging when something didn’t work as you intended.
Documentation Style: The three compositions should use formatting and citation styles appropriate for the selected genres; the Rhetorical Rationale may be crafted using the documentation style of your field be formatted in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.


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