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Midnight by Masterpiece

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Music | 0 comments

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Write 4 separate paragraphs from things you learned watching the Ken Burns Jazz series episode 10 “Midnight by Masterpiece” video below.

Each paragraph is worth 5 points and should contain:
– at least 5 to 8 long and detailed sentences each – substantial.
– things that you found interesting or that surprised you.
– approximately 600 words total, so please use your word count option on Word, Pages, or on Canvas.
– one fact or event then the rest should be discussion of how it affected you. I don’t want only facts. I want to hear your thoughts and reflections.
– connections to your life, our current events, or your personal experiences.
– musicians names – four different musicians. Please do not comment on one musician only.
I will be marking down one point each for the following mistakes:
– spelling errors
– non capitalized proper nouns (proper nouns=names, places, events)


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