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Marketing Plan – Objectives

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

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le 5: Marketing Plan – Objectives – Availability Ends 11:59 PM
Continuing with your company’s marketing plan
Must be in APA format. Needs to include references
In 2-3 paragraphs identify the company’s Objectives
Is the business mission statement able to be translated into operational terms regarding the firm’s objectives?
What are the stated objectives of the organization? Are the formally written down? Do they lead logically to clearly stated marketing objectives? Are objectives based on sales, profits, or customers?
Are the organization’s marketing objectives stated in hierarchical order? Are they specific so that progress toward achievement can be measured? Are the objectives reasonable in light of the organization’s resources? Are the objectives ambiguous? Do the objectives specify a time frame?
Is the company’s main objective to maximize customer satisfaction or to get as many customers as possible?
*Use headings in your paper:
Module 5: Marketing Plan – Objectives Rubric
Module 5: Marketing Plan – ObjectivesModule 5: Marketing Plan – Objectives
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