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English Civil War

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One of the ways that archaeological objects and sites get damaged or destroyed is during times of war. Using two specific examples, discuss and compare the destruction of archaeological material during periods of war and conflict. What sorts of international agreements exist to help prevent this type of destruction? Use three original research projects that investigated this topic.
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Humankind has always expressed an interest in its history. Ever since the development of language, people began to tell stories about the past in order to try to explain the characteristics of humanity. Early tales were mostly fabricated explanations, but eventually archaeologists and historians began to attempt to interpret real evidence (Vann, n.d.). Our understanding of the past grows with every new discovery. Archaeological artifacts and sites can provide so much information on the progress of our unique species. This makes these antiquities invaluable for all of humankind, which is why their loss is so tragic. Unfortunately, human history is plagued by highly devastating periods of warfare and conflict that have destroyed priceless historical remains. Wars such as the English Civil War and are great examples of the destruction of world heritage being used as a weapon in times of war (Pollock, 2016; Rakoczy, 2007).


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