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Students will apply the critical incidents technique  to prepare a job preview u

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Students will apply the critical incidents technique  to prepare a job preview using a job analysis. For this assignment the job analysis should provide a view of critical incidents that serve as a demonstration of a job’s essential function by illustrating highlevel task(s).Students should provide
identify the critical incident(s) by illustrating a flow chart noting the sequence of actions.
identify circumstances leading up to the event (antecedents)
list the action to be taken by the worker
include favorable & unfavorable aspects of the job.
note working conditions, work hours, work hazards, etc.
list the consequence (output) for the action taken.
Include information how an interested and qualified candidate can apply
The preview can be in illustrated in a narrated PPT or YouTube presentation. Narrated PPT and YouTube presentations should not be longer than 5 minutes.The job preview can reflect the students current job or a job of their own choosing. For students who may not have a job, a chore or task at home can also be used.A Realistic job preview (RJP) is a tool companies and organizations use as a way to communicate the good and the bad characteristics of the job during the hiring process of new employees, or as a tool to reestablish job specificity for existing employees.[1] Realistic job previews should provide the individuals with a well-rounded description that details what obligations the individual can expect to perform while working for that specific company. Descriptions may include, but are not limited to, work environment, expectations, and Company policies (rules, restrictions).At the heart of realistic job previews are the employee exchange or psychological contract between employer and employee.[2] By being hired after use of the RJP, the employee enters the contract aware of what the organization will provide to them (pay, hours, schedule flexibility, culture, etc.) as well as what will be expected from them (late hours, stress, customer interaction, high urgency, degree of physical risk, etc.) 
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