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Number of Jordanians underemployed

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Statistics | 0 comments

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topic= I have to choose a topic =number of Jordanians underemployed. (you can be flexible with topic but aslong as it is to do with Jordan.
HW for WK3:
This assignment asks to you explore a dataset of your choice and create a table and graphs as part of
your data exploration of multiple levels of the dataset. This is a combo written document and with graphs.
Part 1: The dataset (Written summary and research)
Find a dataset for a topic of interest to you so that you can explore the data and create visualizations as part of this exploration.
Title the paper to include the topic and what you are exploring in the data.
Metadata: Write a summary of the dataset metadata as 3-5 sentences that reflects the metadata for the dataset. This should include a descriiption, source, date, title. What it contains. The purpose of the dataset or why it exists. Also include the url.
Data Collection and Pre-processing: Write 1-3 sentences that describe how the data was originally collected/created by the data producer/publisher. Note the format of the data (e.g. structured or unstructured and file type). Also feel free to note if there
was any cleaning or processing you had to do to enable to work with the data and mention what tool you
used to prepare the data and to create your visualizations.
Example use of the dataset: List 2 academic papers that also use this dataset or something similar and write 1-2
sentences describing what they looked at and their results. (Hint this quick research yields ideas about
questions already asked/answered and visualizations already created – you want to present
something better or ideally new)


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