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MKTH220: Individual SPSS Assignment I

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MKTH220: Individual SPSS Assignment I
This is an individual assignment on applying SPSS analytical tools to conduct the initial descriiptive analysis and cross-tabulation analysis on the Liberty Mutual Insurance survey data. This assignment is due 11:59pm on April. 4th via Blackboard Assignment Submission folder in WORD or PDF formats.
Analytical Questions:
Descriiptive analysis questions (25 points) on the sample:
Who are the respondents of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Survey? Provide a descriiption using relevant frequency and/or descriiptive statistics for the following variables. Remember to report mean, mode, median, standard deviation, skewness, and quartile for scale variables, use frequency and mode for nominal variables, and use frequency, mode, and quartile, media for ordinal variables.
I-1. Demographics: age cohort, gender (Q6.2), education (Q6.3), employment (Q5.1_1).
I-2: Financial Behaviors (Q2.4).
I-3: Car Ownership (Q2.6) and Home Ownership (Q2.7).
I-4: Purchased Insurance Policy (Q3.14)
Cross-tabulation analyses (25 points): For each question, write the null and alternative hypotheses and interpret the SPSS test finding.
II-1: Do respondents at different generations prefer similar brands for insurance policies? [Note: use variables “Age Cohort” and Q3.14]
II-2: Do respondents who own car prefer insurance brands differently than who rents their cars? [Note: use Q2.6 and Q3.14]
II-3: Do male and female respondents involve similar financial behaviors? [Note: use variables Q6.2 and Q2.4]
Analysis report: Item by item response to the analytical questions, using the template style (i.e., the yellow box examples in class slides) for descriiptive reporting and hypothesis writing, result interpretation, as practiced in class. It may also help by reviewing the class recording when you work on the assignment.
SPSS Outputs: Insert test results in the text or create exhibits that demonstrate the SPSS output results. For the latter, include test results for each question item into a separate exhibit. Also, clearly indicate which exhibit table shows the test result for each analytical question. For example, you may state that “Detailed results for this descriiptive analysis are shown in Exhibit 1-Table 1.” Remember to include only the related the test results to each question. Do not copy/paste all the SPSS results as a bundle.


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