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Differences between the federal and state courts

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Criminal Justice | 0 comments

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here are different actors in the courtroom, and each has a specific role in how a trial or session will progress. There are also differences between the federal and state courts that are important to understand. In this assignment, you outline details about the actors in the courtroom and federal and state courts. This assignment is meant to help you understand the courts and prepare you to participate in the courtroom process.
Imagine you are a court administrator for the local superior court. You have been asked to speak to a high school civics class. Specifically, the teacher would like you to provide a general overview of federal and state courts and discuss the primary actors in each court system.
Create an 8- to 10-slide (excluding the title slide, the introductory slide and the reference slide from these 8– 10 slides) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you:
Identify actors in the courtroom.
Who are the actors in federal courts and state courts? (Include actors the two courts have in common and any actors who are different.)
What are their responsibilities?
Why is it important for these responsibilities to be fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of overzealousness compared to the effect of underperformance.)
Identify what is different between these actors in federal courts from the same actors in the state courts.
Defense attorneys
Contrast federal and state (your state or the state you’re from) courts (consider creating a diagram/chart/table).
Roles of each court
Case types
Include detailed speaker notes and at least 1 illustration, such as a chart, diagram, table, etc. Make sure your presentation is appealing to your audience. Use interesting and relevant backgrounds. Use relevant images throughout.
Cite a minimum of 2 sources (one source for state courts and one source for federal courts). Make sure you have cites in the slides/speaker notes AND a reference slide listing all your sources formatted according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment as a Microsoft power point.
Rules For Power Point Presentations
Hi, crew,
A PowerPoint presentation is not merely a paper divided up among slides. A PowerPoint is supposed to be eye-catching and interesting to the viewer. In addition to whatever words are on the slide, the slide itself should have a meaningful background and whatever graphics you feel are appropriate.
Aside from the graphics, the slides should contain bullet points of what you will be “discussing”. The bulk of the information you are supplying will be in the speaker notes. This is how a PowerPoint is presented to an audience. The slides will give the headlines of what you will be talking about and what the audience will see. What you will be telling the audience, in explaining those bullet points, is what you will write in the speaker notes. These, therefore, must have all the information you might have written in a paper.
I do not want to see a lot of verbiage in the slides, and I do not want to see empty speaker notes. Leaving the notes blank or including nothing but a reference is insufficient.
Speaking of references, every slide and all speaker notes must have cites as to where the information came from. If photographs or other graphics (illustrations, etc.) are used in the slides, these must be cited and referenced also. And there must be at least one reference slide at the end of the presentation (again, this and the title slide and any introductory slide will not count towards the number of slides you are to provide).


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