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ACC3323 – International Accounting: Bloomberg Businessweek / The Economist Assignment

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ACC3323 – International Accounting
Homework Assignment 2
Bloomberg Businessweek / The Economist Assignment
From a recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek or The Economist, select an article from one or the other relating to international business or an event currently affecting international commerce. Examples of appropriate topics include but are not limited to:
• Brexit
• The ongoing trade war with China
• Tariffs as a protectionist tool
• The USMCA replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
• Emerging challenges for Latin and South American economies
• The impact of COVID-19 on “Globalization”
You may use the following links to access these two publications online:
• Bloomberg Businessweek –
• The Economist (Topic Section – Finance and economics) –
Additionally, you can access both publications using the resources of our W.I. Dykes Library either online or in the One Main Building.
You are to provide a summary of the article you select and your thoughts as to how its subject relates to the global economy or the conduct of international business. There is no specific question you need to address. I am looking for your impression(s) of the subject matter. Additionally, you should locate a minimum of two additional soures addressing the topic you select and include its content in your analysis.
Your submission must be prepared in Microsoft Word using the APA General Format and uploaded using Blackboard on or before the due date. Please name your file as ACC3323-01 (10295) Homework2-Your Name (i.e. I would name the file ACC3323-01 (10295) Homework2-Thomas Jackson).
Your grade on this paper will be determined as follows:
• Content – 50%
• Formatting – 25%
• Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling – 25%
Before you begin, please review the APA formatting requirements (specifications are available on the web or at The Owl at Purdue at this link –
Your submission must include four major sections: the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References. Further, please utilize a punctuation/grammar check software to enhance the quality of your written communications. An excellent no-cost application for that purpose is Grammarly found at
Your submission should include a minimum of three references, your article and two additional sources on the topic. The length of your report is not critical. Structure, grammar, and spelling are.


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