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Watch one (1) of the following movies (that you didn’t already watch for the Mid

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Watch one (1) of the following movies (that you didn’t already watch for the Midterm Movie Watch), and write a 3-4 page paper analyzing the film against what you’ve learned about legal ethics this term. 
Your paper may double-spaced, should include page numbers, and a references/bibliography list at the end of your paper on a separate page (does not count toward total page-count); be certain to include citations to the movies you watched, any websites you looked to, and sources of law (i.e., state or model professional rules of conduct, case law, statutes, etc.), as well as to utilize appropriate legal citation format.
Identify and discuss at least 3-5 ethical issues in your chosen movie.  Be sure to note not only violations of lawyer (and/or non-lawyer) ethical duties (i.e., confidentiality, solicitation, evidence tampering, candor, competence, reasonable fees, etc.), but also examples of lawyers (and/or non-lawyers) upholding the ideals of legal ethics (i.e., diligence, zealous representation, etc.).  For each duty noticed, mention in the body of your paper the appropriate rule of professional conduct, whether being practiced or violated, as well as cite separately in your references section.  Illustrate “how” the rule applies to each factual instance. 
You may look to either or both Virginia’s or the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct for support.
Also, write about the following: 
For each issue spotted, what did you think of the scenario?  How would you have handled things differently?  Or would you have? 
If you had previously seen a movie, did you look at it through a new lens or notice different aspects of it, due to what you have learned thus far in this class?  If so, what?
Did anything in the movie surprise you, given what you’ve learned about ethical dilemmas and/or situations in the legal field over the course of the class?  Do you think the ethical scenarios portrayed in this film are fairly common or uncommon?
Erin Brokovich
A Civil Action
Runaway Jury
My Cousin Vinny
The Lincoln Lawyer
Primal Fear
Anatomy of a Murder
Dark Waters
Devil’s Advocate
The Rainmaker
The Client
The Firm
The Verdict
Legally Blonde
Michael Clayton


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